Beauty and fashion ideals are completely linked in the public mind. Today, people also consider fashion as a means of personal expression. Many women love to experiment with various kinds of fashion and look for ways they can use things such as makeup, hair, fabric and shoes to help convey their own personal sense of style. When deciding on the kind of fashion and style that is right for their needs, they will often look to a fashion trend setter to help them figure out what may work for them and their specific needs. This is one of many reasons why fashionista Doe Deere is such a popular and beloved fashion leader.

In a recent article for Bustle Magazine, Deere reminds us that fashion rules exist but fashion rules can also be broken. While such rules can provide a highly useful framework for figuring out how to dress in certain circumstances, in other circumstances such rules can be highly confining and may make it very hard for a woman to express her own style. When people decide to break out of such rules, they will often find that it can be extremely freeing and allow them to develop their own personal style.

As she points out, we are better off when we break rules and feel confident when doing so. Rules may tell us that we should never wear heavy eye makeup while also wearing heavy lip makeup. Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, an online makeup company that is devoted to providing the best quality service for their customers. Via her site, Deere sells makeup that follows her own rule breaking and allows people to purchase makeup that is made from bright colors and shows someone how a heavy eye can work well with a lip full of color at the same time.

Deere also tells us that in her article that we should feel confident when mixing patterns. A strong pattern can easily work with many other kinds of patterns at the same time. The result can help someone show off their own personal color sense and their feeling of confidence when working with patterns and color. This allows women to select colors and patterns that can express their own feelings and emotions. Someone who wears multiple bright colors at the same time will find that doing so lets them show off their feelings of artistry and their own specific style.

In the article, Deere also points out to readers that other kinds of fashion rules can also be broken and broken in a way that can still look stylish and good. For example, it is said that one should never wear socks with sandals. Yet many women find that doing so is comfortable and even elegant. Deere cheers them on in her interview, once again reminding us that fashion is all about many points of view and many potential possibilities at the same time. The result can be fashion that is totally happy and utterly carefree.