Founded in 2011, White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that focuses on offering online marketing solutions. The aim of White Shark Media Complaints is to help Small and Medium Sized Businesses in the development of cost-effective marketing campaigns giving them the freedom to focus more on their businesses. White Shark Media uses search engine marketing strategies and more particularly Adwords Management to help SMBs achieve their marketing goals. Google Adwords is an online advertising service offered by Google that allows advertisers to compete to display copies of advertisement to web users. The advertisers are only required to pay when users deviate from their web searches to seek further information from the displayed advertisement copy. Adwords offer a unique payment plan where advertisers only pay when users click on their links (PPC – Pay Per Click). White Shark Media Complaints is a Google Adword Premier SMB partner.

White Shark Media’s offline and online advertisement experience led to its partnership with Google. White Shark Media’s partnership with Google began in 2012 after their rapid growth prompted Google to invite them to their headquarters in Mountain View California whereupon a designated support team was assigned to help White Shark Media with its growth on The remarkable service that its team of experts provide is evidenced by both its partnership with Google whose eligibility and training requirements are known to be stringent as well as its ability to retain existing clientele. Some of its first clients still conduct business with them. It currently has in excess of 150 employees. Its success was also recognized by Microsoft leading to an alliance between the two with White Shark Media forming part of Microsoft’s selective Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

As part of its growth strategy, White Shark Media aims to be innovative with its flat-fee, cost effective marketing solution while at the same observing full transparency. They also aim to eliminate the use of contracts which gives the clients the freedom to leave at any point. They believe that delivery of results is a more profound measure of performance. Additionally, White Shark Media Complaints takes complaints from clients very seriously. They use complaints as a platform for improvement and use them to improve the quality of their services. For instance, some clients had raised concerns about the quality of communication where they felt that it wasn’t good enough. White Shark Media took note of this and created communication venues such as direct extensions so that clients could call their contact person directly. They also offer tracking services to ensure that the results that they are driving at are proven. With its results-driven campaign approach in place, White Shark Media hopes to grow to double its size in near future.