Have you ever felt like you were lonely and needed more friends? Well, you can find a wealth of companionship and a supportive environment by logging on to Skout. It’s an online dating and social media platform that is changing the way that we view online relationships. It isn’t like the other dating sites that are out there. Skout has a new way of approaching online dating that takes away all the nervous commitment issues that so many people have felt with the industry. It combines online dating with an easy to use social media platform that allows users to make friends on the application.

What Are Friends For?

According to a recent survey from Skout, friendships and having a support network of people that you can trust is a high motivating factor for people to continue striving for their goals. It is especially important to anyone out there that may be struggling to maintain their New Year’s resolutions. It helps to have someone to talk to out there. You need someone to relate to and someone to share your feelings with along your journey. It will make it much easier to reach your goals, and it will be less painful if you do not reach them because you will have the loving companionship of friends either way.

Using Skout

I was extremely nervous when I first logged on to use Skout because I had experienced some of the other dating applications and websites out there with minimal success. I had a terrible time using them because I could not navigate other peoples’ profiles, and the other sites wanted me to pay to use every other feature. I like Skout because it is a comprehensive take at online dating and social media, but it is also extremely easy to use the platform.

You can download Skout for free right now. Go take it for a spin! Setting up a profile is fun, and you will surely be talking with someone in a matter of minutes. You can meet someone close to your area, or you can talk with a person who lives far from you, but no matter what you will be experiencing social interactions that are meaningful. I recommend that you take a look at the site, and look at the survey I referred to earlier. You can find that article by going here: http://www.satprnews.com/2015/12/14/skout-new-years-survey-reveals-2016-trends-and-how-friends-can-help-you-stick-to-resolutions/