Hosting a party at your house can be very stressful. Most people scurry around their property cleaning the place up in anticipation of the arrival of the guests. There is also food and wine drinks to worry about. It can be overwhelming to pull off, especially for a single person.

This is where you can take advantage as a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard. You can swoop in to assist the host of the party by providing snacks beverages. Specifically, you will be providing wine.

You take the weight off of a party host’s shoulders by providing this service. All they have to do is worry about cleaning up their place before guests arrive and then you take over. You break out bottles of wine from all over the world and educate guests about each varietal. You supply snacks that can complement the flavors of each wine to heighten the experience.

As a Traveling Vineyard wine guide, it is your job to educate the guests while allowing them to have a good time. At the end of the party, everybody can buy their favorite wines from you. Traveling Vineyard will send that wine directly to them and give you a cut of the profits.

What is great about this company is that they help you succeed. They supply you with all the tools required to put on a good show. They give you a classic decanter, bottle openers and pamphlets to hand out. You can teach everybody about the wines from start to finish. You teach them about how to open the bottle, smell the cork, look at the label and taste the wine. And the best part is that you can do this in an modern unpretentious fashion.

The more accessible you make the wines, the more you will sell. Each bottle ranges from $14-$25 a piece. These low prices are due to the fact that Traveling Vineyard has a working relationship with winemakers to cut out distributors. This passes on the savings to your customers which should drive up your sales. And the more you sell, the more you make.

About Traveling Vineyard:

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Screening to detect cancer in its early stages has become very important in the prevention of cancer. The tests exist for various forms of cancers like prostate and breast. The sooner that any cancer is detected, the better it is for the patient. The most surprising thing is that cardiovascular related diseases are still the leading killer in America.

Studies have shown that about 20% of annual deaths are related to lifestyle, which means that these deaths can be prevented if one changes their lifestyle. More deaths can also be prevented by diagnosing cardiovascular diseases early so that they can be treated immediately.

There are several risk factors that can cause the development of cardiovascular diseases include: smoking, having a history of cardiovascular diseases in your family, being overweight, being of advanced age and having high blood pressure among others for more info: click here.

For one to lower your risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, there are many factors that are involved. To begin with, one should change their lifestyle accordingly. The most important thing to know is that when it comes to cardiovascular diseases, the symptoms may be silent and that is why preventive screening for cardiovascular diseases is important because it may be several months or even years before you start experiencing the physical symptoms.

Life Line Screening leads in the world for testing and determining the factors that are related o cardiovascular diseases. Its employees are dedicated and experienced medical practitioners, and they have the expertise to test the state of a person’s cardiovascular health. They use state of the art machines and the latest procedures to come up with the results.

There are three main categories of the testing procedures that can be performed.
The first one is Ultrasound Testing Procedures. During this procedure, sound waves are introduced into the area of the body that is being viewed, and you can get the accurate result of what is going on.

The second one is blood tests. Lifeline Screening uses finger prick blood test, and they can then test for various things to protect you from cardiovascular diseases.

The third test is EKG testing, and it is non-invasive and pain-free. It is used to detect irregular heartbeats.

Preventive testing is important because it can help you know any underlying problems that you may have and you can make the necessary changes.