End Citizens United is the political action committee that is focused on campaign finance reform. An important year is 2016 as they will be putting in millions of dollars in this year. This is for the Democratic candidates who are running for House along with Senate races across the country.

End Citizens United has managed to raise close to $2 million till now. It has come in mainly from small donors. But they are not stopping here. They have plans to rake in nearly $25 – $30 million.

End Citizens United has a goal to get a constitutional amendment passed. This should reverse the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United. All are aware how this has led to dark money getting into politics in huge numbers.

There are more than 325,000 signatures on the petition of End Citizens United. It demands that Congress must pass such legislation. The number will rise in a major way as the group has partnered with “Ready for Hillary” campaign.

Now 11 Democratic candidates have been endorsed by End Citizens United. Former Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin besides Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado are two of these candidates.

This political action committee is getting highly popular. This is because unlike the other similar committees, they are focusing on the political angle here. The get those people elected to the House who can change the existing laws. Thus they back the candidates who are favoring campaign finance reform and are able to stand up with them.

Another step is the formation of an independent expenditure arm that will work separately. It is required as the candidates are going to be backed through huge financial initiatives. This means big expenses. After all, television ads and mailers besides polling will require huge expenditure. All this needs to be properly controlled and measured appropriately.

It is no secret that any constitutional amendment would only be an uphill battle for all who are involved in it. After all, since 1992, there has not been any Constitutional amendment in America. This clearly indicates that raising money in order to pass a constitutional amendment is not enough. The law needs to get changed here. Only the Supreme Court can do so. Hence a new kind of justice is required here that can shift the balance of the court.

But still, End Citizens United and other groups like this are highly useful. They play a major part in creating public awareness of such decisions that are taken by the Supreme Court. In this way, political pressure can be put on the Supreme Court and on the political figures too. This ensures that things do not get worse that how they already are.



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