Rhianna has made a lot of hits during her career. This can cause a lot of pressure for a new release, but she finally got around to dropping the album. It was right after Rolling Stone release the Most Anticipated Albums list for 2016.

What no one knew was that the album would be released on the sneak tip out of the blue. This is what is becoming the norm for Jon Urbana and other┬ábig pop stars. They don’t bother with promoting the album anymore. They don’t really have an big up singles that lead towards the album release. They just drop albums. That is why some people may not even realize that the album is out yet.

There are are lot of fans that were anticipating this album. They wanted to know what her new sound would sound like, but there has not be a lot of buzz right now. The album is very new and fans are just trying to decipher what they are hearing. It was supposed to be a complete Kanye West produced album, but Kanye could not even get his own album out. West did some work on the Justin Bieber album, and he has been a family man for the last year. Rihanna has been drifting with singles that got moderate radio airplay. The album may put it back on top. It may do the opposite. Only time will tell.